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Closing are ever important,  I want to lead you to a smooth and graceful exit
Mike Deb,  from this time forward you will look back on the happiness and joy that you are feeling and sharing today.  You have honored each other with the highest honor a man and woman can share and that is title of husband and wife.  Left no outsider guide your heart or hand or deed when it comes to your relationship as no one traveled the road you have traveled together that brought you to this day, and no one will share your married journey so closely from today.
When the outside world proves overwhelming, when the seas become rough and cold, clasp hands, look into each others eyes and relight your unity.  In the warmth of the flame, remember all the reasons that brought you together.

Now, in so much as you have declared before all of us that you will live & love together in marriage.  You have pledged your fidelity and love - you have sealed your vows with rings, and perhaps now is a good time to seal them with a kiss.

Now, even as you remain two unique persons, yet there is but one life before you.
Go then, and enter the days of that life together.
May your years be long and your blessings abound.
Father, we want to thank you today for the blessing of the marriage you ordained between Debra and Jerome.  We ask you share the joy of the future lives as you do today.  Help them to remember they are each others sweethearts, lover and best friend.  Temper their hearts with patients for each other.  Temper their words so that kindness and love flow through their tomorrows just as it does today.  Guide them so that they always remember together they are stronger than any trouble that can come their way.
This day you marry your friend, the one you love, the one you laugh with, the one you live for.  The one with whom you dream.
Pause…….remove cloth.

Now you will no longer fear the storm, for you find shelter in each other.  Now the winter cannot harm you, for you warm each other with love.  Now when you are becalmed, you will be the wind to each other’s wings.  Now the darkness holds no danger, for you will be the light to each other’s path.  Now you will defy despair, for you bring hope to each other’s heart.  Now there will be no more loneliness, for there will always be a hand reaching out to aid you when all seems darkest.  Where there were two paths, now is one.  May your days together be long upon the earth, and may you be blessed with joy in each other.

Because they have so affirmed, in love and knowledge of each other, so also do I declare that Ian and Laura are now husband and wife.
You may kiss your bride.
Denise, Lee, may you always mirror love in each other’s eyes.

May you rise together on wings of acceptance, and recognize the divinity with each other.

Honor, respect, nurture the dreams and wishes that your creative souls contemplate.

Be ever mindful of God working through you, that in time will guide you to reveal your true nature.

May you remain positive in times of adversity, and in these times realize, and grow together.

Know that your relationship is based on complete love and acceptance: use this as a model for your relationship both within and against the invading outside world

Deepen your understanding of love through your years together, offer that love as a way to bring light into the world.

Ending Marriage Prayer:
Our loving Father, we know that you are the witness of every marriage and the sealer of every spiritual union. We give thanks knowing that it is your love and light that fill the hearts and minds of Denise and Lee.  They have pledged their love and vowed their commitment to one another, on this their wedding day.

Grant that they may be true and loving to each other, living in such a way as to bring peace and joy into their lives and to family and friends, who support them with your love and concern throughout their life together.  May you continually rejoice with them, just as you do this day.
Bless this their wedding day and may they always be aware of your abiding love throughout their life together.
We ask these things in Jesus Christ, Our Lord; Amen
(Arimis) Today, in the light and in the shadow, I have become one with my beloved, as streams that meet, join and become one mighty river, so shall flow and carry the beauty with us.

(Tianna) Today, in the light and in the shadow, I have become one with my beloved, as the winds that blow do not remain apart, as the flames leap together towards the sky, so we will give our beauty to each other.

(Rev) Today in the light and in the shadow, we have all walked in beauty.  Let that beauty go forth to nourish all of the world, bringing harmony and prosperity to the lives of all it touches.
May you build home that honors all you value in life.  May you surround yourselves with Peace and serenity, exuberance and love, and joy and silliness.  May you always remember who you are to one another - both heaven and earth, lover and friend, defender and confidant.  You have given each other the highest honor a man and woman can share, that is the title of husband and wife.  Let no outsider guide your heat hand or dead when it comes to your relation ship for no has traveled the miles you have traveled together, and on one will share you married journey with you. 
May your journey be long, sweet and prosperous.
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