Welcome to Tropicbride Weddings!
My goal for you is to produce the wedding of your dreams, in the location of your choice, delivered with enthusiasm, style and grace.  From simple to the sublime.  That's right!  Barefoot on the beach or top of the Ritz, to formal on the beach to the gardens and beyond.  It can be as simple as the three of us alone, to filling the Barbra B. Mann with your guestlist.

Unlike your "We have it all" on-line wedding services Tropicbride is just you and me.

Here is what can expect from me;  at least one meeting, either in person or on skype or if you prefer another face to face program I will endeavor to acquire it.  A jointly approved wedding script, these can be plucked from my growing live script center, or if you have passages that you like we can work with your script.  Most weddings include a rehearsal, and I highly encourage them for weddings that want to include a processional, for formal, themed and weddings that include unique ceremonies.

You can depend that I will walk you through the entire event at our first meeting so you know what is happening at all times.  In formal situations I take full responsibility for cuing processionals, each segment of the ceremony right back to the reception line.  I warn you though, these meetings usually turn into too much fun with some anecdotal stories on weddings past.

For destination weddings I do require deposits, and I do use contracts so we are both protected.

All weddings welcome!  I do Renaissance, Celtic, White to Wiccan, believe it or not I have done Star Wars, Mardi Gras, Shark Tank (Extreem Sports) scuba and 10,000 ft over the Gulf of Mexico.  Same sex welcome with equal love and devotion!

                                                There is a distiction to being a TROPICBRIDE!  or Groom!

So if you want something traditional or out of the ordinary...  no worries ...  my only two restrictions are no lion cages and I don't jump out of perfectly good airplanes.

Feel free to check me out on facebook Colleen Carol McLain is where my brides find me/ and many are friends, Linked in, also check out my beach wedding boutique www.tropicbride.com  coming back soon  

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Welcome to Tropicbride weddings, previously known as Amazing Grace Weddings.   Why the name change?  Location change. 

Yep, I finally ran away from home.  I know, I'm a little too old for that but can you blame me?  I'm from Minnesota.