Welcome and greeting scripts can be generic or can depict the time, place, history, or focus on special members of the guest list that may or may not be present.

For instance; any indoor wedding can include candle lighting ceremonies.  These ceremonies can't be done well on the beach for obvious reasons, but they are often used to remember those who have gone before us.  It typically includes representatives of each the bride and groom lighting alter candles prior to the processional, it is also done with roses and other items that are important to the couple, and these do work well on the beach.This page will grow as I dig the scripts out and break them down.

Welcome today on this most happiest of days.  It is with great pleasure that we gather today, to witness the union of their hearts in the most sacred and beautiful trust of marriage.  I use the word trust, because the intimate nature of love and marriage can not survive without faith, dedication, emotional security, and reliability.  These are but a few definitions of trust, a few definitions of love.  Even so, as you stand before I can your enthusiasm is electric and your belief in the destiny of your love is inspiring,.

We gather here in the presence of your good company to join Danette & Jonathan in the joyous occasion of marriage.  Danette & Jonathan are grateful for the love and support they’ve been able to share with each of you, and also carry with them today the memory of departed loved ones who’ve given them life and remain among us in spirit.

The tradition of marriage is both honorable and sacred, established by our Creator for the welfare and fulfillment of humankind.  It is designed to unite the compassions and hopes of two lives into one, and therefore rests upon both mutual confidence and unswerving devotion to one another in their responsibilities as husband and wife.

As we begin today’s celebration, let us be reminded of love’s magnitude in all that we do and all that we are.
We gather here today under these trees and this sky to celebrate the union of Tiannaand Arimis as their souls are united in matrimony.
This is not the first cycle of their lives together.  Rather than start new, this ceremony represents to Arimis and Tiannaa new season.  Just as Spring is a time of planting and Summer is a time of growth, maturity and abiding respect.  Past successes, failures, disappointments and joy simply nourish this harvest, proving a rich and stable place from which to grow together as the cycle of life continues.
Welcome on this the most joyful of days, as we unite my dearest friends take each other in to the scared trust of matrimony.
I use the word trust, for love and marriage cannot survive without fidelity, security, friendship, emotional support,  unconditional dedication to each other, and passion: which is the basis to true love, and the heart of marriage.
It is the giving of yourselves not the taking that make you who you are today. And tomorrow as you wake as husband and wife the giving and the trust will be more important than it is today.  Marriage is a journey of life not a destination.
Welcome to this special place beneath the sumac and sky on this most special of days.  Just as the last days of summer fill your senses and warm your heart, so too are the feelings we all share for James and Cindy as they unite today in the sacred trust of marriage. 
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