Colleen McLain became an ordained minister in 1999 as a challenge from a friend.  Little did she know that it would change her career for years to come.  While bragging of her credentials,  a recently engaged friend asked Colleen to perform her wedding and that, as they say, is where it all began.

While living in Minnesota, Colleen worked full time as a wedding offciant focusing on "off site" weddings in parks, gardens, vacation sites, back yards and historical sites, to name a few.   She soon became a destination offciant, traveling to special places as far away as Cozumel and Akumal Mexico to perform wedding ceremonies, performing as many as seven weddings per week..

She moved to Naples, Florida nearly ten years ago, and has been working in her pre-wedding occupation as a jeweler,  while still performing weddings both on the beach and formal halls.

Producing and performing perfect weddings from the simple to the sublime since 1999, she has performed more than a thousand ceremonies.  

Born and raised in Minnesota, she is the mother of a daughter now married with 2 daughters, nd a very handsom husband.  She is a published author, and a certified scuba diver.  She resides in Naples Florida.
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Producing/performing perfect weddings since 1999
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