About the wedding script.
I like to pride myself on being a writer
, the difference between Novels, weddings and website is ....  I'll not complain too much as this program is pretty easy.
While I am still figuring out this new web builder program, here is a little lesson to get you started on scripting.

A wedding script is made up of seven or more chapters, don't worry they are unusally not long chapters, and it can be less but you will understand what I mean with the map below.  Below the map are the navigation buttons to each chapter samples.  Rings is the only chapter excluded, and that is just because I haven't gotten to it yet.  A suggestion is combining the rings with the vows, as in: "I take you ...." as you slide the ring on your beloved's finger...  finishing with "as this symbol of my love is unbroken so shall be my vows to you." 
Wedding Script outline:

(performed by offciant)
Statement of intend (do you's) Parental consent (optional)
Lesson of Love
(performed by offciant or guest)
(repeat after offcient, memorized, or I Do)
(repeat after offiant or in your own words)
Introduction of husband and wife.
The menu below are links to various chapters.   I think it is easier for you to select the chapters individually, and never worry
about substituting words or phrases.  The wedding is about you make the way you want it.  But a word of caution:  Always
look up substituted words, some words that sound alike don't always mean what we think they do.
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