Wedding Themes and Styles
All weddings are wonderful!  It should be the day of your dreams.
Make it as wacky or witty or white or wiccan as you want.  I have scripts to suit  rennessiance, celtic, handfastings and what I don't, have I can write.

Handfastings were popular a few years ago.  There several variations of these ceremonies.  Some include one simple symbolic wrap (which is where the term tying the knot came from) while others use seven ribbons or scarves symbolizing the elements, emotions, seven Celtic nations, or seven elements of family and love determined by the bride and groom.

Something fairly new is ceremony of the sand.  Someone had written a short ceremony to accompany it but I wasn't fond of it so I wrote one my brides tended to like better.
Themes and styled wedding have a secondary attribute;  it takes a lot of the "Where do I start?" out of the equation.  There is so any possibilities out there it can make a bride to be's head swim.  Themes can be as easy as New York, New York,  Martinis, Daisies, Traval, Sherry and cigars, the sky is the limit, yes skydiving is a theme.
Once a theme is selected everything else goes away, limiting what you include for your wedding.   Takes the stress out of planning such an important event.  Your vows, processional, reception dining tables and even the all important accessories used for your wedding party can make a huge difference in presentation.

Now, never fear, Traditional is also a theme....  Mendelssohn's Tune is alive and well. 
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Hawiian Theme, on a cruiser
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